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Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are designed to give you hot water only when you need it.  They provide an unlimited supply of hot water, no waiting for a tank to fill and heat up.

We install Stiebel Eltorn

Each household's hot water needs vary.  Steibel Eltron has created a full line of Tempra tankless hot water heaters to offer the homeowner a wide variety of choices which will efficiently meet their particular capacity requirements.  Give us a call so we may assist with making the right choice for your needs.

Unlimited Supply of Hot Water:  Heats water instantaneously as it is needed.  The Tempra unit completely replaces a conventional tank-type heater, with no disruption to your comfort and hot water needs.

Saves Energy and Reduces Your Electric Bills:  Electric tank-type heaters are subject to stand-by losses which amount to 15-20% of the kWh used.  Changing to a tankless system results in savings of at least 15-20% in comparison with an electric tank-type water heater.

Sleek Design Saves Space:  The Tempra takes up considerably less space than a conventional tank-type water heater and saves valuable living space.

Digital Temperature Control:  A digital temperature control allows you to get hot water at the exact temperature for maximum comfort.  Advanced microprocessor technology ensures that the water temperature never deviates from the set point.  Your installer just sets the knob on the front cover, checks the digital temperature display, and you enjoy water temperatures between 86F and 140F.  This is the perfect combination of functionality and efficiency, hot water on demand, at the temperature you desire.

Proven Reliability Backed by a Three Year Warranty:  Stiebel Eltron has an enviable track record of engineering excellence and product quality.  The three years parts warranty is unique in the industry.  You can depend on the Tempra unit for many years to come.

Seismic Proof Construction:  Tempra is a tankless water heating system and not subject to seismic code.  There is no need for preventative construction, as required when using a tank-type water heater.

No Venting Required:  The units are electric and require no venting.  This allows for more flexibility in positioning of the units.

To keep your tankless water heater running efficiently, we recommend the installation of Webstone service valves upon installation of your tankless heater.  These allow for easy servicing of your heater which we recommend you have done annually.

Call us today, 352-592-1300, to see if a tankless water heater is right for you.

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